New Type of wizard

I love John Overby’s (Dry Creek Carvings) carvings. After seeing his post, I knew I wanted to give it a try. John’s version that I patterned mine after is listed on the bottom. I made two but forgot to take a picture of the other one painted before I gave it away.

Carving Owls

Doug Linker’s YouTube video is a great reference for carving little owls that are a bit more complicated than the 3 or 5 minute owls patterns out there. When I watch videos, I like to write down the steps to help me remember and to make it easily repeatable. Below, I share these steps so you don’t have to keep pausing and restarting the video.

Halloween time!

With Halloween coming, I saw several others posting their versions of pumpkins so I gave it a shot.  I’ve been working on my eye painting recently.  

#42 – Little Wizard

I really liked the wizard in the Summer 2017 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated. I had to finish my bears first before doing this. Probably didn’t take even am hour to whittle this little guy. He is 1 x 1 and 6 inches tall.

#16 Cowboy Joe

I want to venture to make a taller caricature. Started carving without the end completely in mind. Ended up with this cowboy. Had a small mishap on the hat but was able to rescue it. My daughter adopted it to watch over her toy horses.