Meet Joseph Farnsworth

Joseph began carving in 2016 during his time as a scoutmaster. He and his family reside in Northern Illinois, on the outskirts of the Chicago suburbs. With the help of books, videos, and a couple of online classes from Dave Stetson, Joseph has taken pleasure in learning the craft of carving. One of the biggest influencers on Joseph has been Bart Wilson and his caricature templates. You will see many of Joseph's carvings using this a base of the figures.

Using his newfound skills, he enjoys creating unique carvings with his personal style. One of his most cherished creations is his version of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus, which he gifts to loved ones and others during Christmas. These carvings are now available for purchase in his shop. In addition to his carvings, Joseph has created digital artwork and share these in the form of shirts, mugs and other offers also available for purchase in his shop.

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