#32 – Another bear 

This bear has a better muzzle and is a little taller than the last. It is carved out of driftwood found by one of the scouts, while in the Boundary Waters, possibly while in Canada.

#31 – “Moose” 

This is “Moose”. He got his name because he was carved at Moose lake and we didn’t see any moose while in the Boundary Waters.  He’s the first bear that I did in this style.  The snout is too long but that’s was just something to fix on the next one.


#28 – Sailor

Used the Hillbilly concept to create this sailor. Completed in June 2017.

Learning to carve

I started to learn to carve little people by watching SharonMyArt on Youtube. Part of her process is carving individual pieces to show progress. I refer back to these little people every little people carving I do. Still a work in progress but my little man is getting better slowly. #woodcarving A post shared by …

#22 – Hillbilly 

Carved this guy while at Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin, with the scouts in May 2017.

#21 – Joseph

My first nativity carving – Joseph. I started this one over a year ago but quickly realized I needed some practice first. #woodcarving A post shared by Joseph Farnsworth (@woodcarverjose) on May 14, 2017 at 2:53pm PDT

#18 – Farmer Bob

Some pictures in more light. Final clear coat is on. He's hopefully going to a new home tomorrow night. #woodcarving A post shared by Joseph Farnsworth (@woodcarverjose) on May 5, 2017 at 12:10pm PDT